Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shaved my beard and ate a peanut butter and jealousy sandwhich

Before we get this shindig started, sit back and take in the awesome new layout that my old student/protege, Kim Sloan, made for the site!  Not bad for still being in high school, huh?

Snaps for Kim!

*snap snap snap*

If you want her to hook you up, she's doing some freelance web-design work and I can get you her contact info while she sets up her own site.

Now, on with the show!

It was as cold as a witches left tit up here this week.  Up until now it has been a jackets-optional kind of winter, so I was loving it.  I went so far as to shave my beard in celebration of the warm weather.

Then el diablo unleashed a whole tank of liquid nitrogen on the mountains and I got a pretty annoying cough which kept me from going running for like 3 days!  I was pissed!

I kind of forgot just how much I look like a teenager without an epically huge red beard covering my face.  I also forgot how chilly things can get when you don't have a permanent face mask on.

Unlike Iowa, spring doesn't really hit up here until April or May...or so I've been told.  I guess this makes sense since the town is at 7200ft and the mountains peak out at like 14,000ft.  Pretty awesome, but also pretty cold.

It was cold enough outside that our house made really loud creaking and popping noises, the power fluctuated on and off and water would freeze before hitting the ground!  I didn't get to try it, but you could also blow bubbles and watch them freeze in midair.

I bet you all can guess what I will be doing next time we get a cold snap.

My new comic series, "Nerd on the Range," has been a pretty big hit with the newspaper so far.  I wonder how long it will be before I reach statewide syndication?  ...or even better, national syndication!

"Peanuts," "Blondie," and "The Family Circus" have been around for way too long, so it's time for them to be replaced by something new and awesome, and preferably made by me.

This would have been a longer entry, but it's finally warmed up enough to go outside and I am finally over my cough, so I am totally going running!  I flushed out my system with about 10 pounds of fruit and chugged water like a champ, so I think I killed the virus dead.  Dead in the streets!  (Because I take the thug-gangster's no mercy approach to killing viruses, with some hardcore anti-oxidants.)

On an unrelated note, [Girlfriend] got to see The Decemberists concert in Chicago last night and am I radiating jealousy!

Someday I will see The Decemberists in concert, and I will go into a deep coma from sheer awesomeness.

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