Friday, January 28, 2011

Moved to the mountains

I moved to Pinedale, Wyoming when I got a job offer at the Sublette Examiner as a reporter.  Normally I wouldn't move 1,000 miles away from home without knowing someone in the area...but the 7200 ft elevation was too tempting to pass up for improving my running and learning how to snowboard.

My new job rocks, the office is loaded with mac computers, my coworkers are awesome and I got permission to make comics for the paper in addition to my regular reporting load.  (One step closer to obtaining national syndication as a cartoonist...suck it, art school!)

Things were totally epic for this first few days.

Then I hit a freaking deer and totaled my car!  A stupid suicidal deer on the other side of the highway jumped out in front of me and my only options were to swerve into oncoming traffic, go off the side of a mountain or hit the stupid jerk.

Not wanting to die, I hit the freak and drove 18 miles through the mountains at night with no headlight or passenger window.  Fan-freaking-tastic.

I was so mad at that deer that I promptly broke my vegetarianism and ate a deer burger out of vengeance.

[Girlfriend] and I named my 2001 Daewoo "Appa" last summer because I bought it at the peak of our Avatar obsession (the anime series, not the blue freaks) .  Daewoo was only made for a few years and then the company parts are rare and expensive even though the car is cheap.

Fun fact of the day:  Gigantic Wyoming deer love to kill cheap Korean cars. 

So, I was 1,000 miles from home, new in town and fresh out of college with no income yet since my first pay day was 5 days away.  There was no freaking way any bank would hook me up with a car loan without my parents as a co-signer...and I thought I was an adult.  Guess not!

Fortunately, the people here are extremely nice and the local car dealer hooked me up with a crazy nice loaner truck until we could get me in something new.  Despite all this, I was freaked!

After a week of begging the banks in Wyoming to hook me up with a loan, I ended up going with my hometown bank back in Iowa since they knew me well enough to know that screwing me over with high interest rates would be totally bogus.

My new ride is boss.  In fact, I might go so far as to say is soooo cash.

I'm a diehard fan of "Kill Bill" and an alumni of the University of Iowa, so anything that is black and gold must be mine.  I named her Uma (after Uma Thurman, my favorite actress who coincidentally looks a lot like [Girlfriend]).

My coworkers and friends reactions to my car crash were pretty similar...and it was a pretty good blow to my recently inflated ego.  Yay karma!

Jacie is one of my chillest coworkers, so I drew her in my first comic to get printed in a newspaper since college.

[Since Pinedale is way up in the mountains, there are tons of moose I grew a beard.  Deal with it.]

So Appa is dead and I got a car loan in addition to my student loans to pay off...but it's worth it.

Doubt me?  Best check yourself, fool, because I don't front...much.

Ch-ch-check this view out, cousin!

Living and training up here is improving my running in ways that never could have happened in Iowa.  The thin air, massive mountains and awesome aquatic center across the street from my house is totally getting me ready for the 2012 Canadian Death Race.  (77 miles in less than 24 hours over 3 mountain peaks).

You all knew I was insane, and this is the extent of my madness. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Best Day Ever

I would have made some drawings for this update, but moving day is tomorrow.  Deal with it, punk.  (I will definitely be posting new blog/comics once I get settled into my new place though, so be excited.)

Today has been the best day ever.  EVER.

Never before in the history of mankind, nor even during the duration of this plane of existence, has anyone had a better day than I had today.  Be jelly.

1.  I'm finally leaving my boring/smelly/depressing hometown tomorrow to start my first job-that-is-related-to-my-college-degree-and-is-something-I-actually-want-to-do job.  Ooh yes, I am thrilled.

2.  My great-grandma royally hooked me up with a ton of her frosted sugar go along with the mountain of junk food my sister got me and the amazing DING DONGS WITH OREO FILLING that my ex-student/soon-to-be-protege made for me (if the dudes at the newspaper ever get their junk together and let her take my spot as columnist/film critic). 

...if you can't tell by now from the frantic tone of my writing, I have been eating those snacks all day while packing and am on a sugar rush which is probably on the verge of becoming a food coma.

Also, you read right, Ding Dongs with Oreo Filling.  Try it, it will change your perspective on snacking forever.  FOREVER.  (There is a reason why I chose [student] as my replacement at the newspaper, she is a genius at snacks and that's 90% of the writing process right there.  Don't believe me?  Note the dietary habits of Hemmingway, Mark Twain, and just about any good writer and you will find that they ate some odd-yet-amazing things.)


3.  The iPhone is going to be available on Verizon soon.  I am so stoked.  I've wanted one for years, and I could care less about the other smart phones.  The iPhone is shiny and made by Apple, therefore I need it.  (Actually I just like how it looks and works when compared to other phones and could care less about expanding memory and all that other crap.  It's a freaking cell phone, not a customizable car or desktop no whining about the Android, you harpies!)

4.  Boxxy is back.  She is my favorite internet meme (or whatever you want to call her/her character), and I can't wait to see her new videos!
If you don't know who I am talking about, watch this!

If your head didn't melt from that first video and you want to know more, watch this!

If you know who I am talking about, but don't believe me that she is back, watch this!

5.  I just now realized that one of my old friends from Hapkido recently started teaching at Utah State University, and that is only a 3.5 hour drive from where I will be!  It's going to rock hanging out with her again, and it's just comforting to know there is a friend nearby. 

6.  Today is Pocky Day.  1-11-11  (Pocky are delicious Japanese cookie sticks, and since they look like 1's, each day that is entirely made of 1's is a Pocky Day.  I could only find strawberry around here, so I had to settle...but it was still delicious!)

Summary of today:  Woot!

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